Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and retirements are just some of the special occasions celebrated with gifts to The Inn. The following gifts received from October 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013 are in honor of:

Dr. Dana Alpern
Florence Anderson's 97th birthday
Mary Kate Andrepont
Avery Ayan
Mr. and Mrs. John Benoit
Margaret Binda
Mary Bochanis
William and Ian Boehm's birthday
Tyler Matthew Boman
Polly Bomstein
Fred Bonnett's 70th birthday
Brittany Bowie
Jimmy Brewer, Jr.
Mrs. J. Buckler
Audrey Caulder's 4th birthday
Mark Chen
The Clapcich Family and Michael Anthony Clapcich
Mary Beth Clark's retirement
John and Chris Collier
Steve and Sandy Collier
Hayden Corrie
James and Sylvia Coulter
Norma Coulter
Joan Crowley
Dr. Joseph Eanet's birthday
Gavin Eck
John Eftimiades
Dr. Robert Eisdorfer
Amy Elfin's High School Graduation
Harold Engel's 70th birthday
Nathan and Anne Ersig
James and Bonnie Everett
Don Farthing
Dominic and Cathy Fiorello
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Fliakas
Luke Formoso
Arlene Frayman's birthday
Dr. Gary Friedlander and Staff
Barbara Gendler Soll's birthday
Mary Georgatsos
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Gertler
Bill and Elaine Gillis
Ludger and Suzanne Girard’s 90th birthdays and 65th anniversary
Rabbi Steve Glazer
Zachary Glessner
Jamie and Jeff Goldfarb
Jamie Goldfarb
Dr. Michael Gottesman
Raymond and Marilyn Greenberg
Sylvia Greenberg
Dr. Peter and Susan Greif
Patricia Grodin
Donna and Tucker Haltom's 50th wedding anniversary
Sgt. Tom Harmon
Korene and Hersh Hausman
Sally Hausman
The Hillmuth Family
Michele Hodges
Lee Holdmann and Staff
Thomas Hunter, MD and Carlos Diez-Arguelles' wedding
Priscilla and Kyle Iwuagwu
Phyllis Jacobs
The Jacques Family
Julie Jameson
Mrs. Lillian Kairys' 100th birthday
Becca and Jon Kaltman
Dr. Howard Kane and Staff
Maureen O'Brien Kennedy
Katherine Kensrud
Terri Kerner's birthday
Ginnie and Dale Kiesewetter
Maddi and Juliette Kildow
George and Elizabeth King
Marky Kirsch's 80th birthday
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kirsch's anniversary
Andrew Kotz
Jeanne Krause
Kathleen Krisko
Danielle Kronstadt's Bat Mitzvah
Ted Kurtz
David Landsman's 60th birthday
Nick Langman
Glenn Laverty
Naomi Leibowitz
Chuck Lewis' successful term as Gridiron president
Chih Liao
Lila and Henry
Michael Lilly's anniversary
Joseph and Joyce Loewe
Miriam Lorber's Bat Mitzvah
Sgt. Andrew Loudermilk
Sonja Lowe
Edith and George Lowy's 50th wedding anniversary
Ann Maguire
Courtney Lee Marcellin
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Masachi
Hoyt Matthai's Ultimate Challenge
June McCalla
Theo Menswar
Mid County Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers Program
Marianne Miller
Naomi Miller's retirement from NIH
Dr. Mark Milner
Christina Moister
Anne Molofsky's 60th birthday
Samantha and Landon Mulford's birthdays
The Mumper Family
Dan and Sarah Munsey
NHLBI/NIH/The Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Research Program
The Wonderful NIAID Team
NIH Radiation Oncology Branch
The NIH Department of Bioethics
Sue and Bob Norins
Mary O'Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. Joe O'Connell
Helen Olson
Bridget Frank Pagani's 1st birthday
Eddie Paolino
David and Holly Parker's wedding anniversary
Holly Parker
Susan Penfield
Thomas Pike
Tom and Georgette Pike
Jannan Porter
Dr. Robert Post
Judith Potter
Dr. Jogues and Cheryl Prandoni
Gabrielle Prandoni
Joseph and Dana Prandoni
Carol Price
Judy Price
Robert Price and Family
Mark and Jean Raabe
Margaret Rhoades and Family
Peter Ronan
Kathy Russell
Luca Russomano
Sara's 16th birthday
Dr. Joel Schulman and Staff
Charlie and Lisa Scott
Hayley Segall's Laptop Project
William Avery Serra
Christie and Tom Shaffer
Eric Shapiro
Missy Shor
Adeline Smith's 95th birthday
Pamela Smith
Paul Smith and Chin-Fang Weng
Colleen Sniezek's Birthday
Joan Stouffs
Dr. Howard Streicher's Birthday
Mary Ann Summer's 85th birthday
Susan and Gary Tabach
Mindy Tarzy
Joe and Penny Tatalick
Virginia & Mary Claire Taylor
Barbara Thomas
Louis Travaglino
Jeff and Diane Tredwell's 40th anniversary
Milan Valuch and Carol Duignan
Jody and Dick Vilardo
Aparna and Aditya Viswanathan's birthdays
Scott Vogel
Jackson Weeks
Gila Weiss
Mike and Brenda Wilson
Nurse Patricia Wilson
Nyda Wolery
Deborah Zlotnik
Sarah Zlotnik