Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and retirements are just some of the special occasions celebrated with gifts to The Inn. The following gifts received from July 1, 2014 through September 30, 2014 are in honor of:
Ryan Alarcon
Lily Anderson
Linda and Peter Antico's 50th wedding anniversary
Diane Baker
Kendyl Balow
Cooper Baynes
Tyler Matthew Boman
Michael Bunitsky and Jan Daffern
Cela Cardenas
Audrey Caulder
Jacob Caulder
David and Staci Cohen’s College Journey
Howard Cohen's special birthday
Sofia Driver's 8th birthday
Betty Eichberg's birthday
Hannah Eriksen
Corby Fallinger
Lisa Farhi
Rebecca Gillam, PhD
Bert Greenberg's 85th birthday
Harold Grinspoon's birthday
Tristin Hanson
Dan Hartman's birthday
Mary Jane Hellekjaer's 90th birthday
Amy Honigman and Mitch Simon's Aufruf
Jenny Huttler
Dr. Kastner and Anne Jones
Lita Kerin
Maddi and Juliette Kildow
Abbot Kominers
William Kominers
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Kramer's 50th Anniversary
Marilyn Kweller's volunteer work at NIH
Keller and Olivia Lai
Claire Libber's 90th birthday
Hallie Luton
Beatrice Marcus, Anna Bass and Clara Antonetti's lemonade stand
Henry McCool's 90th birthday
Deana Middleton
Pearle Miller's 100th birthday
Samantha and Landon Mulford's fall birthdays
Pedro Nunez and Lance Wolf's wedding
Morgan Oisten
Elliott and Christina Orr
Eddie Paolino
David and Holly Parker's wedding anniversary
David, Holly, Alex and Elizabeth Parker's birthdays
Gabriella Pettis
Don & Carolyn Poffenbarger
Mark and Jean Raabe
Ewen Raballand
RaShonda Rosier
Cody and Kayla Ruthven
Jerry and Joyce Sachs
Miriam Schlesinger's birthday
Barbara Shrensky
Drs. Stanley and Helene Sinclair
Kelley Smith
Timothy Stitely and Jennifer Gambino's wedding
Connie Sullivan
Naomi Taffet
Miles Taylor
Austin Thomas
Gene Wilson